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Cricket District teams up with Frogbox to showcase club highlights

Updated: May 5, 2022

FrogBox, the streaming solution that helps cricket clubs of all levels broadcast their matches to, Play-Cricket Live and YouTube, has teamed up with Cricket District, the media platform created to grow the sport through entertaining video content. Cricket District will feature highlights captured via FrogBox technology on regular episodes of That's So Village, a show created to celebrate the best moments from the world of club cricket around the world.

"Working with FrogBox makes complete sense", said founder Toby Marriott. "I love what they've done for the club game in the UK and Australia. We've all been there. Sat in the changing room after a match saying how we wish that great catch, amazing run-out or terrible drop was caught on camera. Well now, so many of these brilliant moments are being captured by FrogBox, and immediately sent to our Cricket District inbox!"

“We are committed to enhancing the match day experience and storytelling of recreational cricket” said Chris Watling, FrogBox. “Whilst our technology has been a key driver in making livestreaming more accessible to club cricketers, the real opportunity is about clubs, players, families, supporters sharing those special moments online! We are very excited to be collaborating with Cricket District, to further showcase the brilliant moments captured every weekend by FrogBox”


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