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Videocon Cup Final 2004

With the Netherlands midway through their biggest summer of cricket in memory we looked back into the archives to find another big summer in Dutch cricket history - The Videocon Cup of 2004.

This tournament was by no means one of the greats and has largely been forgotten by history.

The tri-series between Australia, India and Pakistan in August of 2004 was used as a warm up before the Champions Trophy that was held in England a month later in September.

Unfortunately, rain ravaged the Videocon Cup and Australia reached the final despite not having played in the round robin. They were granted 2 points for their washed out games, giving them enough points to meet Pakistan in the final.

The entire tournament took place in Amstelveen in Amsterdam, the home of Dutch cricket.

What we want to know is - how many of the XIs that played in the final can you name?

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