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Sussex Match Teas

It seems to be one of the most unlikely sources for a major cricketing story but in the last month cricket teas have become a national news story in the UK, specifically Sussex.

As many of our followers will know, Cricket District is a Sussex based side and with many of our frequent contributors playing for villages in the Sussex leagues and we therefore have been following this will-they/won’t-they love story between cricket clubs and the match teas.

As of the date of my writing this (and after some soul searching from the Sussex League and a re-vote) teas have been reinstated for the 2021 season. I myself had an opportunity to vote within my local club but I missed the meeting as I was down the pub.

Image credit: "Ditchling CC vs Lord Raglan CC" by gidsey_ is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

For many, especially those not wholly familiar with cricket, tea is as synonymous with village cricket as sticky wickets, fours and sixes, therefore taking away this tradition would seem to some an abomination.

To others, teas can be incredibly labour intensive and I can say from having tried and tested many a match tea in my time that some have been downright appalling. I have provided one or two of these basic options myself when hard pressed to find time on a Sunday morning.

Baguette ✅

Cherry Tomatoes ✅

Cheap ham ✅

30 pack of Ready Salted ✅

30 Mini Rolls ✅

Simple, but it doesn’t fill the hearts, minds and stomachs of the average village cricketers who’s just spent 3 hours in the cold in an early April game with the opposition on 224-2. Especially when you begrudgingly hand over £5 for the pleasure.

Image Credit: "po boy"by Leo Reynolds is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

My god when they turn out good though they turn out really good! Some clubs are lucky enough to have a dedicated tea lady who prepares fresh sponge cake, homemade scotch eggs and lovingly prepared coronation chicken sandwiches (the nice ones without all of the raisins in there). Unfortunately you can sometimes go 3 Saturdays without finding one of these.

There is no simple answer to this difficult question, I know this summer remembering my wallet, keys, phone, whites, spikes, kit AND tea was sometimes beyond my mental capabilities and often left me either hungry or searching for a nearby petrol garage.

Can’t we just keep the good teas and get rid of the bad ones?

What do you think, let us know on all platforms @CricketDistrict

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