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Save Your Club with SNAP Sponsorship

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

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Hundreds of cricket clubs around the UK are in financial difficulty, struggling to afford equipment, maintain their facilities, and ultimately, survive. Others are kept above water by generous donors and a well connected chairman who finds them the occasional shirt sponsor.

Thankfully, SNAP Sponsorship is here to give cricket clubs the boost they need to reach their potential.

Crisis for Cricket?

All across the UK, clubs are going through a tough time with seriously reduced income from the virus-affected summer and a lot less cricket played than planned.

Many clubs will be able to weather the storm of COVID-19, but fear that any plans to expand or upgrade facilities will have to be put on hold.

Simon Prodger, the Head of the National Cricket Conference, has said that the immediate concern is ensuring clubs remain financially viable and simply able to exist.

Clubs are struggling while they have little or no income but still face unavoidable fixed costs. “Balls alone at this time of year cost cricket clubs over £4 million.”

So, with uncertain income and unavoidable costs, how can we give grassroots cricket clubs the boost they need, not only to survive the winter but to thrive and continue to grow?

Step forward, SNAP Sponsorship.

These guys are the real deal.

They’ve already shown what they can do in the world or rugby, working alongside a range of clubs from small amateur sides to top professional clubs such as London Irish and Wasps.

They also share our passion for grassroots sport. They want to enable clubs to become financially sustainable and grow – without the need for donations.

So How Does It Work?

They charge just £9 per month, which is the average cost of one UK sports club membership.

And in return, your club gets:

- To join the UK’s largest sponsorship marketplace

- A professional sponsorship ‘shop window’ to connect your club with potential sponsors

- The benefit of SNAP’s world class sponsorship expertise

- Increased long term sponsorship revenue

And they take 0% commission on sponsorship you secure.

What Could That Mean For My Club?

You are free to spend the money however you wish. For some clubs this could be upgrading that run-down old shed to a new pavilion, for others it may be covering the costs of basic kit.

Perhaps the best way to see how it can work, is to see what their rugby partners have done already.

Dyce is a small rugby club, based just outside Aberdeen. Their facilities consist of a leased pitch, an old shipping container for storage and their local pub as a clubhouse.

But in their first year with SNAP Sponsorship, they boosted their sponsorship income by more than 400% and managed to bring in seven new sponsors.

One brilliant example of how they did this involved approaching local car garages.

They worked out that out of their 100 members, half may drive to the matches and training, so that’s 50 cars. All of those 50 cars will need an MOT at some point in a year. So, 50 MOTs at an average of £45 each is worth £2250 per year.

They tagged all of the local car garages on Twitter and showed them what potential there was to the business by sponsoring the club - and very swiftly had one keen to get on board.

Dyce’s story demonstrates that any club of any size can increase their sponsorship income and SNAP can provide a boost like this to all types of clubs.

Cricket District Partnership and Discount

So, when they contacted us about working together and bringing SNAP Sponsorship in to boost grassroots cricket, we thought it was an absolute no-brainer.

Our mission at Cricket District is to grow the game we love. Whether that is through videos that get more people watching the game or in this case accessing funding to help clubs through tough times.

You can find out more about SNAP Sponsorship via the link below and if you feel your club would benefit from this boost, you can use the discount code: CRICKETDISTRICT to 12 months for the price of 11.


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