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Cricket District x Neon Cricket

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

We're delighted to announce a new partnership with the legends at Neon Cricket who will be providing kit for the Cricket District XI this year!

Neon Cricket pride themselves on the fact that they focus on high quality products to go alongside their high quality service. From bags, gloves, pads and bats - Neon have some incredible gear!

For this reason more and more players up and down the UK are turning to Neon Cricket to provide their kit for this season.

The products speak for themselves, they look and feel incredible! From our side of things we can't wait to get going and use the kit that Neon have sent over to us!

With our first friendly kicking off today be sure to look out for our Neon kit as we attempt to the season off to a good start! We're now not far away from our opening game of this year's Sussex Slam which you'll be able to follow via our YouTube channel and see the bats and all our stash in action!

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