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Cricket District partners with FrogBox to showcase the best of club cricket

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

We’re delighted to announce our content partnership with FrogBox - the streaming solution that helps cricket clubs of all levels broadcast their matches to, Play-Cricket Live and YouTube. The system also automatically produces real-time highlights, subsequently allowing cricket clubs to grow both their membership and sponsorship opportunities.

Cricket District will produce a weekly video series across all social platforms; promoting the best of club cricket content, in partnership with FrogBox.

Our mission at Cricket District is to grow the game we love through the power of social media. We aim to share the joy of playing cricket with as many people as possible, and FrogBox is helping clubs in the UK and Australia do just that, through their easy to use streaming kit.

Designed for club cricket, FrogBox is the innovative, lightweight and low-cost streaming solution designed for volunteer operated clubs. Exclusively integrated with Play-Cricket Scorer, all you need to do on match day is set up the portable video capture kit and live score the match on Play-Cricket Scorer - FrogBox’s automation technology will take care of the rest!


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