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11 Cricket Conspiracy Theories That Must Be True

Updated: May 17

Have you ever come across something that is so implausible and yet it sounds like it really could be true?

I had a think through some cricketing conspiracy theories that almost seem true.

There were 15 T20 Cricket World Cups between 2005-2012 but there’s only been 1 since

Remember when there used to be a T20 World Cup every year or so up until around 2012 and then it feels like the Carlos Brathwaite final happened and then nothing has happened since.

The BBL and IPL actually last for 4 months each

I can’t wait for the start of the BBL or the IPL to start every year, there’s such exciting cricket and players on display. You start with the best intentions of watching every game but what seems like 3 months have passed, you’ve only seen 5 games and it’s still 4 weeks until the final.

Kumar Sangakkara never existed - he was just the embodiment of the perfect cricketer

Style and substance, leader and legend; Sanga lives up to the title of dream cricketer… but was he just a dream?

WG Grace was actually god and he invented cricket

The man who seems to span the majority of the 19th century but perhaps he was there for longer - perhaps he was always there. Had a really big beard too…

Shane Warne brought male cosmetics to the world

Before Shane Warne, cricketers just took baldness and wrinkles in their stride, Warne made sure that no man needed to age again.

New Zealand actually have 300 international stunning cricket grounds

You know when you watch your side face New Zealand and they play at a ground you’ve never heard of, turns out they have another 299 just as, if not more, beautiful.

Darren Stevens was actually born in 1923 and played alongside Denis Compton

Have you ever looked at a county cricket scorecard from 1954-present and not seen the bowling card read: D.I Stevens 22-10-68-3

Steve Smith was kidnapped in 2013 and replaced by a robot

Remember the first version of Steve Smith, the blonde all rounder who wasn’t much of a bowler or batter? He got replaced by a shadow batting robot in 2013.

England only ever play Australia, Pakistan or the West Indies at home

Every test summer England seem to play the Ashes or Pakistan and West Indies. When was the last time England played New Zealand at home?

No one wins the car on display in the IPL

You know the car I mean, the red car that the commentators talk about EVERY 30 seconds in the IPL. No one has ever entered the draw to win it.

James Anderson plays right back for Burnley every winter but no one ever notices

He’s been a staple of Burnley’s back 4 since 2012 but no one has ever noticed that England’s greatest ever fast bowler lines up alongside Ben Mee every week.

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