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Updated: May 2

The cricket season in the UK is back at the professional level and some pre-season cricket has just begun round the country for those who’s grounds aren’t under water.

For many, now is the time to dig out the cricket boots from the back of the shoe rack, take the cricket bat out the cupboard and rummage round the garage for the cricket bag and praying the rats didn’t make a nest in your box over winter.

Whether it’s been 6 months or 6 years let’s remember some key things you’ll need for the new season.

A new jockstrap

Ah, old reliable. You were wearing it that time you scored 62 against the side who were top of the league. You’ve had it for 5 years and what was once a bright, tight, thigh hugging strap has become grey, discoloured and baggy where the elastic has gone - much like your own predicament as a village cricketer.

It might be time for a refresh.

A new Neon bat

Fancy a new bat from us to you? You may have seen Toby and Jack with some Neon kit over the last few years and now you can get your hands on your own CD x Neon bat.

Selective memory of last season

The passing of time always makes the heart grow fonder and consider it the case for cricket too. As the nights draw in and weather gets colder - the sports sunglasses get replaced by rose-tinted ones and you look back on the glorious summer that was. Late afternoon, stood on a sun-soaked boundary unbothered if the ball came to you or not.

In reality, that game was your first in 4 weeks, the first you refused to ever play again after a golden duck in your last game and the following two were cancelled for rain and in this comeback game you’ve hidden yourself at fine leg praying the ball doesn’t come to you.

An umbrella

It’s not stopped raining since the start of the season so an umbrella could be a great idea.

A cable knit jumper

We all look forward to those 2 weeks on August where the temperature hovers around the 28 degree mark but ultimately most of the season is played under grey, windy skies. Get yourself something timeless like a cable knit jumper.

Badger T-Shirt

Your pre/post-match look is as important as your game wear. 

Turning up in your whites is a cardinal sin. Perhaps a nice Absolute Badger T shirt as styled by Toby below could be a good option?

A good book

You may be spending all day at the ground but that doesn’t mean you’ll be playing every minute. Make sure you bring a good book so you can stop your mind replaying the ramp shot that took your middle stump out.

Wide brimmed hat

There’s nothing worse than coming off the field and not recognising the red-faced monstrosity looking back at you.

Wide brimmed hats are perfect for this but don’t make the mistake of getting a stiff brim. Floppy brims are the superior - I can’t explain why, they just are.

An apology to your other half

Don’t ask for permission, ask for forgiveness that you will miss another of your significant other’s friends' weddings because the 2s are short this week.


It’s a long time out there in the summer but with practice, game time and belief. Something good will happen at some point in the season.


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